• Resource refers to all the materials available in our environment which help us to satisfy our needs .

  • These materials are converted into resources by value addition . This is possible by processing them into finished products with the help of suitable technology .

  • Technology and time are the two main factors which can change substance into a resource.

  • Human beings are an important resource. It is their knowledge and skill that lead to the creation of resources.

  • Examples of Resources

    • Waterfall is a gift of nature. It has force , which can be used to drive a water wheel . When a technique was developed to harness force of falling water, it became resource. Nowadays, falling water is used to generate hydroelectricity .

    • Mineral deposits in USA were not valuable to the natives, as they did not know their use. However, when the Europeans migrated to this mineral region, they explored and developed the deposits and the mineral deposits acquired the value of a resource.
  • Human needs are not the same everywhere. They vary from region to region and from time to time . It depends on the natural environment and on the levels of social, economic, cultural and technological development .

  • Therefore, the importance of a particular resource depends not only on the changing technology, but also on the changing needs of the people.
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