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  • Agriculture and cattle rearing were the main occupation.

  • Other common occupations were chariot-making , pottery-making, weaving, jewellery-making, metal-work, carpentry, tanning and fishing.
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  • Many people were priests . Besides conducting religious ceremonies, priests also acted as teachers and doctors.

  • They passed on the knowledge of the Vedas t o the children.

  • They also had considerable knowledge about medicinal herbs and plants.

Dasas / Dasyus

  • Besides the Aryans, there was another group of people whom the Aryans called the ‘dasas’ or ‘dasyus’.

  • Their culture was different from that of Aryans. They also spoke a different language.

  • Most of the dasas were perhaps e nslaved and so the term ‘dasa ’ , l ater came to mean slave . Most dasas had to do whatever work was given to them by their masters.
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