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Occupations and crafts

  • People followed different occupations. There were farmers, weavers, potters, jewellers, metal-workers, toy makers, stone-cutters, seal-makers, boat-makers, masons and traders.

  • Beautiful reddish glazed pottery with different designs has been discovered from different sites.

  • A large number of terracotta seals have also been found. These were square or rectangular in shape.

  • They have animal figures and picture-like signs on them.

  • Craftsmen made things of stone, shell and metal, either in their homes or at workshops.

  • They made beads, amulets, weights and ornaments such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and earrings.

  • Terracotta toys ( small clay carts, bullock carts, ships, boats, figures of animals), marbles, rattles, dolls and bird shaped whistles have also been found at many sites.

  • The discovery of clay spindles suggests that yarn was spun. People worn clothes of cotton and wool.

  • Needles and buttons have also been found, which suggest that people stitched clothes.

  • People living in villages grew crops and reared cattle.

  • Wheat and Barley were the main crops.

  • Rice, pulses and mustard were also grown.

  • Toy model of Ploug h has been found.

  • People domesticated cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats.

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