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Choose another region in India and do a similar study of the historical and geographical factors that influence the diversity found there. Are these historical and geographical factors connected to each other? How? 



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West Bengal


Gujarat has a varied topography, ranging from the coastal plains along the Arabian Sea, the hilly regions of the Western Ghats and the Kathiawar Peninsula.

West Bengal has a diverse topography, consisting of the coastal plains along the Bay of Bengal, the deltaic region of the Sundarbans.


Gujarat has a tropical climate , with hot and dry summers, mild winters, and moderate rainfall. 

West Bengal has a humid subtropical climate, with hot and wet summers, cool winters, and heavy rainfall. 


The main crops grown are cotton, groundnut, wheat, rice, sugarcane, bajra, maize. The state is also known for its dairy industry and animal husbandry.

The main crops grown are rice, jute, wheat, potato, sugarcane, tea. The state is also known for its fisheries and poultry industry.

Staple food

Gujarat’s staple food is based on cereals like wheat, bajra, jowar and rice. 

West Bengal’s staple food is based on rice and fish. 

Historical factor

  • Traders from Arabia and Persia come to Gujara and trade in spices, perfumes, textiles, pearls.
  • Gupta Dynasty ruled in the past
  • The Portuguese traders were the first Europeans to reach Bengal. They traded in cotton textiles, silk, saltpetre, opium, indigo and tea.
  • Gupta Dynasty and Pala Dynasty ruled in the past.



Yes, these historical and geographical factors are connected to each other in various ways. For example:

  • The coastal plains of Gujarat and West Bengal facilitated trade and commerce with other regions and countries, which brought cultural and economic exchanges and influences.

  • The alluvial plains of Gujarat and West Bengal supported agriculture and population growth, which made them attractive for invaders and empires.

  • The historical events and movements in Gujarat and West Bengal shaped the religious, linguistic, ethnic and political diversity of the states.

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