Write short notes on the backwaters and the gompas.



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  • Backwater
    • Backwater is a part of a river or a lake where the water is still and does not flow
    • They are a network of canals and lakes fed by numerous rivers, with Kerala being particularly known for its backwaters.
    • Kerala backwaters are a major attraction for tourism and culture in Kerala.
    • Backwater can have many benefits such as providing irrigation, fishing, transportation, and recreation.
  • Gompas

Gompas  - Teachoo.png

    • They are monasteries that serve as places of worship, meditation, and cultural significance. 
    •  Gompas are often located in mountainous regions, particularly in Ladakh. 
    •  Many famous fairs and festivals are celebrated around these Gompas, such as Losar, Shey Shrupla, and Hemis Chheshu
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