Differentiate between convergent plates and  divergent plates.

Answer :

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Answer to be written in exam :

Convergent Plates

Divergent Plates

 The tectonic plates  move closer to each  other in convergent  plate boundaries.    

Tectonic plates move  away from each other  in divergent plate  boundaries. 

 The two plates coming  together may either  collide, or may slide  under the other. 

  The two plates drift  away from each other,  creating a gap between  the two. 

 Convergence of  plates may result  into activities like  earthquakes. 

Divergence of plates  may result into  volcanic eruptions. 

 Formation of  Himalayas is a result of  convergence of plates.  

Formation of the Great  Atlantic Drift i s a result  of divergence of plates. 



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