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Give an account of the Northern Plains of India


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Account of the Northern Plains of India - 

  • It has been formed by the interplay of the 3 major river systems, namely- Indus, Ganga and Brahmaputra along with their tributaries.
  • This plain is formed of alluvial soil. Deposition of alluvium in a vast basin lying at foothills of Himalaya over years, formed this fertile plain.
  • It spreads over an area of 7Lakh The plain being about 2400 km long and 240 to 320km broad, and is densely populated.
  • With a rich soil cover combined with adequate water supply and favourable climate it is agriculturally productive.
  • Rivers coming from northern mountains are involved in depositional work. In the lower course, due to gentle slope, velocity of river decreases, which results in formation of riverine islands.
  • MAJULI, in the Brahmaputra river is the largest inhabited riverine island in the world.


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