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Ex 3.4, 1 Find the principal and general solutions of the equation tan π‘₯ = √3 Given tan π‘₯ = √3 Principal Solution Principal solution is when 0 ≀ x ≀ 2πœ‹ We know that tan 𝛑/πŸ‘ = √3 & tan (πŸ’π›‘/πŸ‘) = tan (Ο€" + " Ο€/3) Therefore, the principal solutions are π‘₯ = 𝛑/πŸ‘ and πŸ’π›‘/πŸ‘ . General Solution Given tan π‘₯ = √3 tan π‘₯ = tan Ο€/3 ∴ π‘₯ = n𝛑 + 𝛑/πŸ‘, where n ∈ Z Therefore, the general solution is π‘₯ = nΟ€ + Ο€/3 , where n ∈ Z

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