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Chapter 3 Class 11 Trigonometric Functions

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 3 Class 11 Trigonometry is available free at teachoo. You can check the detailed explanation of all questions of exercises, examples and miscellaneous by clicking on the Exercise link below.

We had learned Basics of Trigonometry in Class 10. In this chapter, we will learn

  • What is a positive or a negative angle
  • Measuring angles in Degree, Minutes and Seconds
  • Radian measure of an angle
  • Converting Degree to Radians, and vice-versa
  • Sign of sin, cos, tan in all 4 quadrants
  • Finding values of trigonometric functions when one value is given (Example: Finding value of sin, cot, cosec, tan, sec, when cos x = -3/5 is given)
  • Finding Value of trigonometric functions, given angle
  • Solving questions by formula like  (x + y) formula, 2x 3x formula, Cos x + cos y formula , 2 sin x sin y formula 
  • Finding principal and general solutions of a trigonometric equation
  • Sin and Cosine Formula with supplementary Questions


Important questions are marked, and Formula sheet is also provided. Click on an exercise or topic to begin.