How does the Election Commission of India ensure free and fair elections in the country? Explain the role and functions of the Election Commission with suitable examples.


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The Election Commission of India is an independent constitutional body that is responsible for conducting and supervising free and fair elections in the country. The role and functions of the Election Commission are:

  • It prepares and updates the electoral rolls or the list of voters for every constituency. It also issues voter identity cards to eligible voters.
  • It delimits or demarcates the boundaries of the constituencies for the Lok Sabha and the state legislative assemblies based on population, geography, etc.
  • It recognizes or registers political parties and assigns them symbols. It also monitors their activities, accounts, and expenditure during elections.
  • It announces the dates and schedules of elections and enforces the model code of conduct for all parties and candidates. It also ensures that there is no use of money, muscle, or media power to influence the voters.
  • It appoints and supervises various election officials such as returning officers, presiding officers, polling officers, etc. who are in charge of conducting elections at different levels.
  • It provides various facilities and arrangements for smooth and peaceful polling such as electronic voting machines, security forces, observers, etc. It also ensures that there is no rigging, booth capturing, or violence during elections.
  • It counts and declares the results of elections and settles any disputes or complaints related to elections. It also has the power to cancel or postpone elections in case of any irregularity or emergency.
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