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Which of the following is a cause of urban poverty in India?

  1. Rapid population growth 

  2. Unequal distribution of land

  3. Lack of infrastructure

  4. Migration from rural areas


Answer by Student

The correct answer is (D): Migration from rural areas

Detailed Answer by Teachoo


Let’s check all the options and see why they are correct or not.

  • Option (A) Rapid population growth - Rapid population growth is a cause of poverty in general, but not specifically in urban areas. It affects both rural and urban areas by increasing the pressure on resources and services. So, this is incorrect .

  • Option (B) Unequal distribution of land - Unequal distribution of land is a cause of rural poverty, but not urban poverty. It affects the rural areas by creating a large gap between the rich landlords and the poor landless laborers. So, this is incorrect

  • Option (C) Lack of infrastructure - Lack of infrastructure is a consequence of urban poverty, but not a cause. It affects the urban areas by creating problems of housing, sanitation, water, electricity, transport, health, education, etc. for the poor. So, this is incorrect .

  • Option (D) Migration from rural areas - Migration from rural areas is a cause of urban poverty in India because it increases the demand for housing, food, water, sanitation, health, education and other services in urban areas. Many migrants end up living in slums and working in informal sectors with low wages and insecure conditions. So, this is correct . ✅

Thus, option (D) is correct because migration from rural areas is a cause of urban poverty in India.

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