Computer Science - Class 12
Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Computer Science Class 12

Navdeep creates a table RESULT with a set of records to maintain the marks secured by students in Sem 1, Sem2, Sem3 and their division. After creation of the table, he has entered data of 7 students in the table.


101 KARAN 366 410 402 I
102 NAMAN 300 350 325 I
103 ISHA 400 410 415 I
104 RENU 350 357 415 I
105 ARPIT 100 75 178 IV
106 SABINA 100 205 217 II
107 NEELAM 470 450 471 I

Based on the data given above answer the following questions:

(i) Identify the most appropriate column, which can be considered as Primary key.



A primary key is an attribute which can uniquely identify the records in a relation/table.

In the given table, the column ROLL_NO can uniquely identify each record.

Therefore, ROLL_NO is the most appropriate column to be considered as the primary key.

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