Computer Science - Class 12
Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Computer Science Class 12

Given the following dictionaries

dict_exam={"Exam":"AISSCE", "Year":2023}

dict_result={"Total":500, "Pass_Marks":165}


Which statement will merge the contents of both dictionaries?

a. dict_exam.update(dict_result)

b. dict_exam + dict_result

c. dict_exam.add(dict_result)

d. dict_exam.merge(dict_result)



The update( ) method is used to merge one dictionary into another in python.

Checking the options:

  • (a) dict_exam.update(dict_result)

(a) dict exam update dict result -Teachoo.png

  • (b) dict_exam + dict_result 

(b) dict exam + dict result -Teachoo.png

  • (c) dict_exam.add(dict_result)

(c) dict exam add dict result -Teachoo.png

  • (d) dict_exam.merge(dict_result)

(d) dict exam merge(dict result) -Teachoo.png

So, the correct answer is (a).

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