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Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Computer Science Class 12

Write a function ETCount() in Python, which should read each character of a text file “TESTFILE.TXT” and then count and display the count of occurrence of alphabets E and T individually (including small cases e and t too).


If the file content is as follows:

Today is a pleasant day.

It might rain today.

It is mentioned on weather sites

The ETCount() function should display the output as:

E or e: 6

T or t : 9



def ETCount ():

    countE= 0

    countT= 0

    f=open( 'TESTFILE.txt','r' )


    for line in lines:

        for ch in line:

            if ch== 'E' or ch== 'e' :


            if ch== 'T' or ch== 't' :

                countT=countT+ 1    

    print( "Count of E/e: " ,countE)

    print( "Count of T/t: ", countT)




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