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Computer Science - Class 12
Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Computer Science Class 12

A list contains following record of a customer:

[Customer_name, Phone_number, City]

Write the following user defined functions to perform given operations

on the stack named ‘status’:

(i) Push_element() - To Push an object containing name and

Phone number of customers who live in Goa to the stack

(ii) Pop_element() - To Pop the objects from the stack and

display them. Also, display “Stack Empty” when there are no

elements in the stack.

For example:

If the lists of customer details are:


[“Gurdas”, “99999999999”,”Goa”]

[“Julee”, “8888888888”,”Mumbai”]


[“Ashmit”, “1010101010”,”Goa”]


The stack should contain




The output should be:



Stack Empty



status=[ ]


def Push_element (c):

    if c[2]== "Goa" :

        obj=[c[ 0 ],c[ 1 ]]



def Pop_element ():

    while len(status)!= 0 :



    print( "Stack empty" )


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