Computer Science - Class 12
Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Computer Science Class 12

Rao has written a code to input a number and check whether it is prime or not. His code is having errors. Rewrite the correct code and underline the corrections made.

def prime():

n=int(input("Enter number to check :: ")

for i in range (2, n//2):

if n%i=0:

print("Number is not prime \n")



print("Number is prime \n’)



Corrected Code with underlined corrections:

def prime ():

    n=int(input( "Enter number to check :: " ) )

    for i in range ( 2 , n// 2 ):

        if n%i = = 0 :

            print( "Number is not prime \n" )



        print( "Number is prime \n " )

The corrections are:

  • In the line,  n=int(input( "Enter number to check :: " ) ) , the underlined bracket was missing.
  • In the line, if n%i = = 0 : , the underlined equal to symbol was missing.
  • In the line, break , the indentation of break was incorrect.
  • In the line, print( "Number is prime \n " ) , the quotes inside the print( ) did not match.
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