Computer Science - Class 12
Solutions to CBSE Sample Paper - Computer Science Class 12

The correct syntax of seek() is:

(a) [, reference_point])

(b) seek(offset [, reference_point])

(c) seek(offset, file_object)

(d) seek.file_object(offset)



The seek( ) method is used in python to move the file handle to the specified position. 

Syntax: [, reference_point])

So, the correct answer is (a).


In the above syntax, 

  • offset refers to the number of bytes by which the file object is to be moved. 
  • reference_point indicates the starting position of the file object. That is, with reference to which position, the offset has to be counted. It can have the following values:

0 - beginning of the file 

1 - current position of the file 

2 - end of file

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