Unicellular Vs Multicellular Organisms


As the name suggests, Unicellular organisms are one celled organisms.

  • This single cell performs all life processes
  • For Example - Yeast , Bacteria etc

Multicellular organisms have multiple cells that have various different functions

  • For Example - Humans , plants and animals .

Unicellular Organism 

Multicellular organism

Has only one cell that performs all body functions

Have multiple cells to perform different body functions

Complete Cell body is in contact with the external environment

Only outer cells of the organism are in contact with the external environment

Usually have short lifespan 

Have longer lifespan 

Injury leads to death of the organism

Injury to one cell does not lead to death of the organism.

Reproduce mainly asexually

Reproduce sexually as well as asexually

For Example - Bacteria , Yeast etc

For Example - Humans , plants , animals etc

Prokaryotic Cell Vs Eukaryotic Cell

  • A prokaryotic cell is a unicellular, primitive , simple type of cell characterised by the absence of a nucleus
  • Prokaryotes do not have membrane-bound cell organelles
  • Since Prokaryotes have no nucleus, their DNA is scattered throughout the cell .
  • For Example - Bacteria, Archaea
  • Eukaryotic cells are cells that possess a nucleus .
  • They have membrane-bound organelles
  • The DNA is contained in the nucleus .
  • Eukaryotes can either be unicellular or multicellular .
  • For example - Plants , Animals , Fungi etc.


  Prokaryotic Cell Eukaryotic Cell
Cell Size Smaller larger
Cell Type Unicellular Usually multicellular but can be unicellular
Plasma Membrane ✔️
Endoplasmic Reticulum ✔️
Nucleus ✔️


In plants

Golgi Apparatus ✔️










Animals and plants


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