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Why are we able to fold our ears?

This is because of another type of connective tissue called cartilage that is present in our ears.

  • When an embryo is developing, cartilage is the precursor to bone
  • Some cartilage remains without getting developed into bones , especially to cover the joints
  • Blood vessels or nerves are not present in cartilage
  • Cartilages, unlike bones, give elasticity to structures . This is why parts like the tip of the nose and ears have cartilage.


  • The cells (called chondrocytes) are widely spaced
  • The matrix is solid and is composed of proteins and sugars
  • Cartilage smoothens the surface of the bone . Touch your nose tip and you will know what this means!
  • It also smoothens the bone surfaces at joints 
  • Cartilage is present in the nose, ear, trachea and larynx

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