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`Differentiate between Xylem and Phloem






Composed of tracheids, vessels, xylem parenchyma and xylem fibres

Composed of sieve tubes, companion cells, phloem parenchyma and phloem fibres

Conducts water and minerals  

Conducts water and food

Transports only in one direction

Transports in multiple directions

Transportation happens from root to leaves

Transports food from leaves to other parts of the plant

Conduction is done by vessels and tracheids

Conduction is done by sieve tubes

Only Xylem Parenchyma is living and others are dead cells

Phloem cells are living cells except Phloem fibres

Cell walls are hard

Cell walls are relatively soft

Provides additional mechanical support to plants

Does not provide mechanical support to plants

Occupies center of vascular bundle

Occupies outer side of vascular bundle


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