Each neuron has only one axon

Each neuron has many dendrites

Axon is present on the side of the neuron that conducts impulses to the next neuron

Dendrite is present on the side of the neuron that receives impulses from previous neuron

Axon conducts impulses away from the particular neuron

Dendrites receive impulses from previous neuron

Axons can reach up to several metres in length

Dendrites are usually around and less than 1.5mm in length

They have branches only at the terminal end

They are branched all through

They have a uniform thickness throughout the length

Due to branching, the thickness varies

The terminal branches of axon have synaptic knob (structure that have chemicals called neurotransmitters to pass on impulses to next neuron)

They do not have synaptic knob

It is always covered in a sheath

It is not covered in a sheath


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