Plants and animals are multicellular organisms .

They are thus composed of cells  

Cells perform functions together forming tissues

So does that mean plants and animals have the same type of tissues?

The simple answer is no

Let us see why.

Difference between Plant and Animal tissues

Plant Tissues

Animal Tissues

Plants do not move from one place to another . They require structural strength and support

Animals move from one space to another for food, shelter, mating etc. and require tissues to support that

Plant growth is limited to only certain regions

Animals have overall growth patterns

The tissues are distinguished as meristematic (capable of dividing) and permanent (do not divide)

There is no such difference in animal tissues

Plant tissues have a simple organization

Animal tissues are further organized into more specialized and localized organs and organ systems

They have mostly dead tissues as dead cells provide strength and support

They have mostly living tissues

These tissue do not require much maintenance

These tissue require more maintenance

Thus plant tissues are targeted towards sedentary or stationary existence of plants

Thus animal tissues are targeted towards locomotory and highly mobile nature of animals

Example - Xylem, Phloem, Apical meristems 

Example - Muscles, Blood, Bone


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