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What are the different methods of contraception?



 The different methods of contraception include:


Barrier Methods:

  1. Physical devices like condoms (for males) and diaphragms (for females) are examples of this method. 
  2. These work by preventing the meeting of sperm and ovum .
  3. Barrier methods prevent the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases by preventing the intermixing of body fluids.

Chemical Methods:

  1. These include oral and vaginal pills and IUDs .
  2. Oral pills contain certain hormones which prevent the production of ovum, vaginal pills kill sperms and IUDs prevent implantation (i.e. the process of lodging of embryo in the lining of uterus)
  3. These methods have certain side-effects

Surgical Methods:

  1. It is the permanent method of contraception.
  2. Tubectomy and vasectomy are included in surgical methods.
  3. In tubectomy, the fallopian tube is cut and the two ends are sealed. In vasectomy, vas deferens is cut and the ends joined. 

Both chemical and surgical methods cannot prevent the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.



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