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With the help of one example for each, distinguish between the acquired traits and the inherited traits., Why are the traits/experiences acquired during the entire lifetime of an individual not inherited in the next generation? Explain the reason of this fact with an example.



Acquired Traits

Inherited Traits

These traits are acquired by a person during their lifetime.

These traits are inherited by the individual from their parents.

Not passed onto the next generation

They are passed onto the next generation

Cannot direct evolution

Can direct evolution

Example: Body weight, knowledge, sense of humor, etc

Example: Color of eye, color of skin, hair type , etc.

Traits acquired during the lifetime of an individual do not reflect in the reproductive tissues

Changes in the non-reproductive tissues are not passed on to the DNA of the germ cells and  therefore not inherited by the next generation.

Example: The change in body weight of beetles due to starvation is not passed onto the next generation since it does not make any change in the germ cells of the beetle.

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