(a) Cite the evidence on the basis of which it is concluded that birds have evolved from reptiles.

(b) Insects, Octopus, Planaria and Vertebrates also possess eyes. Can these animals be grouped together on the basis of the eyes they possess. Why or why not? Give reason to justify your answer.




  • The fossils of dinosaurs and reptiles were discovered with feather imprints. 
  • They couldn't fly , therefore it can be assumed that the feathers were probably used as insulation. 
  • Feathers were later developed and modified for flight. 
  • Thus, they provide proof that birds have evolved from reptiles.


No . Insects, Octopus, Vertebrates cannot be grouped together on the basis of eyes. Eyes cannot be used as a feature of classification , instead eyes can be used to study the evolutionary process , like how it has evolved over a generation from imperfect eyes in Planaria to perfect eyes in vertebrates.

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