How do Mendel’s experiment show that traits are inherited independently?



Mendel’s dihybrid cross shows that traits are inherited independently. 


When a cross was made between a green pea plant with round seeds and a yellow pea plant with wrinkled seeds ,  the F 1 progeny plants were all yellow with round seeds. This indicated that yellow color and round seeds were the dominant traits.

When the F 1 plants are self-pollinated, the F 2 progeny consist of some green plants with round seeds and some yellow plants with wrinkled seeds which are the parental traits. There were also some new combinations like green pea plants with wrinkled seeds and yellow pea plants with round seeds.

Thus, it can be concluded that green and yellow traits and round and wrinkled traits were inherited independently.


MENDEL’S DIHYBRID CROSS SHOWS THAT TRAITS Parent Gametes 315 round, yellow 108 round, green 101 wrinkled, yellow 32 wrinkled, green RR yy (round. Green) rr YY (wrinkled. Yellow) R y (round. Green) r Y (wrinkled. Yellow) Rr Yy (round. Yellow)

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