Assertion (A): At puberty, in boys, voice begins to crack and thick hair grows on face.

Reason (R): At puberty, there is decreased secretion of testosterone in boys.



The various changes which occur in boys at puberty are:  

    • Hair grows under armpits and in pubic regions (genital area) between the thighs. 
  • Hair also grows on other parts of the body like chest and face (moustache, beard, etc.)
    • Body becomes more muscular due to the development of muscles. 
  • The voice deepens (or cracks). 
  • Chest and shoulders broaden. 
  • The penis and testes become larger. 
  • The testes start to make sperms. 
  • Feelings and sexual drives associated with adulthood begin to develop. 

All these changes in boys are brought about by the male sex hormone 'testosterone’ made in testes.


  • Assertion is true.
  • Reasoning is false.

So, the correct answer is (c).

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