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Carbon forms four covalent bonds by sharing its four valence electrons with four univalent atoms, e.g. hydrogen. After the formation of four bonds, carbon attains the electronic configuration of

(a) helium

(b) neon

(c) argon

(d) krypton



Carbon has 6 electrons. When it gains 4 electrons, it now has 10 electrons.

Checking the options

  • (a) helium - Helium has 2 electrons.
  • (b) neon - Neon has 10 electrons.
  • (c) argon - Argon has 18 electrons.
  • (d) krypton - Krypton has 36 electrons.

Since Neon (Ne) has 10 electrons, thus after 4 bonds, Carbon attains the configuration of Neon.

Among the following options Ne (10) is the nearest noble gas to C (6)

So, the correct option is (b) Neon

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