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A survey was conducted on the population of Rhinoceros Unicornis between 1910 to 2005. Interpret  the line graph given below in about 150-200 words.




A survey was conducted to find out of the population of Rhinoceros Unicornis between 1910 to 2005. The result showed only 125 rhinoceros in early 1900’s i.e., 1910 which reached almost 740 in 1959. Then the number plummeted down and touched 600 in 1964. It kept fluctuation and ranged between 600-750. The number again rose in 1966 but did not cross 750. By 1983, it has again reached 750. But after that, there was a considerable increase in the number which touches 1750 in the year 2000. The graph then shows a plateau till 2005 and the number again rose to 2100 by the year 2008. There is hardly any increase in the next three years. The graph shows a sharp rise in the number of rhinoceros in 2012, when it touched 2500. It remains stable for the next two years, but again the number again decreased by almost one hundred in 2017, when it was an estimated 2400.

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