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English Class 10

Look at the data given below which shows the changes that have occurred between 1995 to 2010 in  Bilaspur regarding the women education. Write a paragraph in about 150-200 words to record the  changes by interpreting this data.




Women Education

Education women can play an important role in the development of the country. A survey was conducted in Bilaspur to find out the changes that have occurred between 1995 to 2010 regarding the women education. It was found that there was a rise in the number of girl’s school. Earlier in 1995, there were only 10 schools. A slight increase was seen in the number which rose to 15 in 2010. Not much growth was recorded in the number of women colleges which rose from three in 1995 to four in 2010. However, a significant growth was recorded in the number of students in school which increases from 10,000 in 1995 to 16,000 in 2010. There was a sharp increase of 4000 students in colleges also. The percentage of literacy rate increased steadily from 30 to 55 in these years. There were no Distance Education Centres at the beginning of the period. However, three such centres were found by the end of 2010. We can conclude by saying that an overall increasing trend was seen in the women education.

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