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English Class 10

You are Rohan/Rohini of a Reputed Public school. Your teacher has given you the following graph  that shows cases of violence and social unrest. Interpret the data in about 100-120 words.



Social unrest includes civil disorders, acts of mass civil disobedience and stripes. But all are acts by group of people that are intended to disrupt a community or organization. The number of cases of violence and social unrest have been constantly increasing in past many years. The give line-graph illustrates the cases of violence and social unrest in a survey carried on by Rohini, a public school student. A sharp increase was noticed in the cases of violence and social unrest between 2001 and 2010. It showed only 10 cases in 2001 which showed an increase of only five in 2002. But after 2002, there was a steady rise in the cases. 2003 noted twenty cases which hit a high of almost 50 in 2006. Maximum cases were reported in 2009 where the graph reached the peak and touched almost 70 cases. The cases increased steadily and not even once did they drop or show a decline. Overall, we can conclude by saying that there is a significant rise in the case of violence and social unrest in the society.

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