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In some questions, we are given both starting and ending values

We have to calculate Missing Values like Indirect tax, Subsidy, Depreciation, Factor Income etc


Example 5

Calculate Consumption of Fixed Capital

National Income (NNP FC ) 4000
GDP MP 5000
Net Indirect Taxes 300
NFIA 200


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Question 1

Calculate Indirect Taxes from the following

NDP FC 55,915
Subsidies 1540
Factor income from abroad 625
Consumption of Fixed Capital 1625
Factor income to abroad 865
GNP MP 58,350


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Question 2

Calculate Factor income to abroad

GNP FC 4820
Subsidies 80
Factor income from abroad 400
Depreciation 480
Indirect Tax 100
NDP MP 3700


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Question 3

Calculate Depreciation

NDP MP 80,000
Indirect Tax 10,600
GNP FC 75,920
Factor income to abroad 700
Factor income from abroad 500
Subsidies 1770


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Question 4

Calculate Subsidies

GDP FC 55,000
Indirect Tax 4400
Factor income to abroad 600
NNP MP 55,500
Factor income from abroad 1300
Depreciation 2500


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Example 6

Calculate Net Indirect Tax

GNP MP 7000
NDP FC 6200
Depreciation 600
NFIA -400


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Example 7

Calculate Subsidies

GNP FC 27,710
Consumption of fixed capital 4000
Indirect Tax 120
Factor income from abroad 400
NDP MP 24,000
Factor income to abroad 600


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Example 8

Calculate Factor Income to abroad

GNP MP 4500
Replacement of fixed capital 100
Indirect Taxes 300
Subsidies 200
Factor income from abroad 700
NDP FC 3900


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Example 10


(a) Depreciation

(b) Subsidies


GNP FC 95,000
Indirect Tax 14,000
NDP MP 1,00,422
NNP MP 1,00,000
GNP MP 1,07,000


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