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BeHappy Corporation has set up its new centre at Noida, Uttar Pradesh for its office and web-based activities. It has 4 blocks of buildings.



Distance between the various blocks is as follows:

A to B 

40 m 

B to C 


C to D 


A to D 


B to D 


A to C 


Numbers of computers in each block

Block A


Block B


Block C


Block D


(a) Suggest and draw the cable layout to efficiently connect various blocks of buildings within the Noida centre for connecting the digital devices. 


2 n.jpg


(b) Suggest the placement of the following device with justification 

  1. Repeater 

  2. Hub/Switch 


  1. i) Repeater : between C and D as the distance between them is 100 mts , which is the longest among all the other connections.
  1. ii) Hub/ Switch : In each block as they help to share data packets within the devices of the network in each block 

(c) Which kind of network (PAN/LAN/WAN) will be formed if the Noida office is connected to its head office in Mumbai? 


WAN , since Wide Area Network (WAN) connects computers and other LANs and MANs , which are spread across different geographical locations of a country or in different countries or continents .


(d) Which fast and very effective wireless transmission medium should preferably be used to connect the head office at Mumbai with the centre at Noida?



Satellite is a microwave relay system which relays the radio signal transmitted from ground station . Satellites accept signals transmitted from earth stations , amplify them , and return them to another earth station .

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