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SMTP : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 

XML: Extensible Markup Language.


NIC - Network Interface Card (Ch10 pg188)

MAC address - Media Access Control Address (Ch10 pg194)

MODEM - Modulator Demodulator (Ch10 Pg199)

RJ45 - Registered Jack 45 (Ch10 pg188)

FTP - File Transfer Protocol (Ch11 Pg218)

HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Ch11 Pg217)

TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (Ch11 Pg219)

PPP - Point to Point Protocols (Ch11 Pg218)

SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (Ch11 Pg219)

ARPANET - Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (Ch10 Pg183)

Wi-Fi - Wireless Fidelity (Ch10)

VoIP - (Ch11 Pg208)

VoLTE- Voice over Long Term Evolution (Ch 11 Pg 208)

ISP - Internet Service Provider (Ch10 Pg195)

URI - Uniform Resource Identifier (Ch10 Pg196)

URL - Uniform Resource Locator (Ch10 Pg196)

DNS -Domain Name System (Ch10 Pg197)






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