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Julie has created a dictionary containing names and marks as key value pairs of 6 students. Write a program, with separate user defined functions to perform the following operations: 

  • Push the keys (name of the student) of the dictionary into a stack, where the corresponding value (marks) is greater than 75. 

Pop and display the content of the stack. 

For example: If the sample content of the dictionary is as follows:

R={"OM":76, "JAI":45, "BOB":89, "ALI":65, "ANU":90, "TOM":82} 

The output from the program should be: TOM ANU BOB OM


R={"OM":76, "JAI":45, "BOB":89,

"ALI":65, "ANU":90, "TOM":82}

def PUSH(S,N):


def POP(S):

if S!=[]:

return S.pop()


return None


for k in R:

if R[k]>=75:


while True:

if ST!=[]:

print(POP(ST),end=" ")



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