(i) Give two advantages and two disadvantages of star topology



1. It is very reliable – if one connection or device fails then all the others will still be working, and hence the network stays stable. 1. Central node dependency; i.e., If the central network device (hub/switch) fails, then none of the connected nodes can work without it
2. Its setup is less expensive since each device/node only needs one I/O port which connects with the hub via a single link 2. Hub requires more resources and regular maintenance because it’s the central system of the network.
3. No disturbances to the established network when connecting or removing any device/s. 3. Extra hardware is required (hubs or switches) which adds up to the total cost
4. If n nodes are connected to every other node in the network, then the amount of cables required to attach them is n. So, it’s very easy to assemble 4.  Performance is highly predicated on the one device i.e. hub.
5. Fast and simple fault detection because the faulted connections get identified easily 5.  More expensive THAN Bus topology due to the prices of the connecting devices (hub/ switches)
6.  It is easy to maintain and robust in nature 6. This setup requires more cable length




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