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Give two important uses of washing soda and baking soda.



Uses of washing soda (Hydrated Sodium Carbonate - Na 2 CO 3 .10H 2 O)

  1. Sodium carbonate (washing soda) is used in glass, soap and paper industries.
  2. It is used in the manufacture of sodium compounds such as borax.
  3. Sodium carbonate can be used as a cleaning agent for domestic purposes.
  4. It is used for removing permanent hardness of water.

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Uses of baking soda (  Sodium Hydrogen carbonate - NaHCO 3 )

  1. For making baking powder, which is a mixture of baking soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate) and a mild edible acid such as tartaric acid.
  2. Sodium hydrogencarbonate is also an ingredient in antacids. Being alkaline, it neutralises excess acid in the stomach and provides relief.
  3. It is also used in soda-acid fire extinguishers.

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