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What are the environmental consequences of the increasing demand for energy?

What steps would you suggest to reduce energy consumption?



The environmental consequences of increasing demand for energy are

  • Increasing demand for energy is leading to rapid consumption of fossil fuels, which are exhaustible sources of energy.
  • Burning of fossil fuel at a rapid rate leads to the release of harmful gases in the atmosphere, which can lead to global warming and acid rains.
  • Cutting of trees in forests to provide wood for household purposes is leading to loss of habitat and soil erosion.
  • Construction of dams to produce hydroelectricity leads to destruction of habitat of aquatic life and other people living near the area.


The steps that would reduce the energy consumption are

  • Switch off electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Energy efficient electrical appliances should be used in place of appliances which consume more energy.
  • Solar cookers should be used for cooking as much as possible.
  • Bicycles and public transport should be used as much as possible to minimize the use of diesel and petrol.

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