What are the limitations of extracting energy from—

(a) the wind? (b) waves? (c) tides?





The Limitations of  Wind Energy are

  • High speed winds are required to obtain wind energy, most places do not experience high speed winds.
  • The initial cost of setting up wind mills is very high.
  • Large amount of area is required to set up windmill farms.



The Limitations of Wave Energy are

  • Wave energy can only be used in areas where Waves are very strong
  • Since the waves are erratic, the energy produced from wave energy is unpredictable. So, it is not a reliable source of energy
  • The initial set-up costs are high



The Limitations of  Tidal Energy are

  • There are very few sites around the world which are suitable for building tidal dams.
  • The rise and fall of sea-water during high and low tides is not enough to generate electricity on a large scale.
  • The cost of maintaining the dam is high
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