Contamination of Water by harmful substances



What are harmful substances which cause water pollution

Fertilisers, Pesticides, Industrial wastes, Sewage etc causes Water Pollution

These substances are called water pollutants


Difference between Water Pollution and Water Pollutants


Water Pollution

Water Pollutants

Contamination of Water is called Water Pollutions

Harmful substances which cause water pollution are called Water Pollutants




How does Water bodies (like Ganga) get polluted

Home Waste

Different cities throw garbage directly into the river

Polythene bags are thrown into river which take thousands of years to decompose



People immerse(put) idols of gods and goddesses into rivers during festivals

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Different industries through toxic chemicals as waste directly into the river without treating them

Hot water thrown by some industries also increase temperature of water body killing plants and animals in water



Fertilizers and Weedicides are used by farmers.Due to rain,they are washed down and flow into river


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