Greenhouse are found in nursery where different plants grow

In a greenhouse, sunlight is allowed to enter

But it is not allowed to go out

The heats get trapped and warm the nursery

This is called the Greenhouse effect

Greenhouse Nursery.jpg

Which gas causes Greenhouse Effect in atmosphere and How?

Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 ) causes greenhouse effect in atmosphere

It is also caused by gases like methane and nitrous oxide and water vapour

How does CO 2 cause Greenhouse effect?

Sun rays fall on earth

They reflect on earth's surface 

Carbondioxode in air traps heat of sun

This helps in keeping earth's surface warm

This is the reason plants, animals and human beings are able to survive on earth




Advantages of Greenhouse effect

  • Greenhouse effect ensures an optimum temperature is maintained to ensure survival on earth
  • The Greenhouse gases acts as a filter by sending excess solar energy back to space
  • Greenhouse Effect can be used to generate heat to grow plants in off-season
  • Greenhouse effect maintains the water level of Earth by preventing melting of ice
  • Solar powered water heaters use the greenhouse effect to warm up water

Disadvantages of Greenhouse effect

  • Greenhouse effect is increasing the temperature of the Earth and causes Global Warming
  • Global Warming causes the earth's temperature to go up, which affects marine life
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