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Chapter 18 Class 8 - Pollution of Air and Water

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In this chapter, we will learn

  • What is Air Pollution? 


    What are the harmful Substances which cause Air Pollution

  • What are the causes of Air Pollution


  • Harmful Effects of Air Pollution

  • What is Acid Rain, How does it occur, What are its Harmful effects

  • What is Greenhouse Effect? How is it caused?

  • What is Global Warming?

  • How to reduce air pollution?

  • What is Water Pollution


  • How do Water bodies get polluted?

  • What are the Harmful Effects of Water Pollution


  • How can we prevent Water Pollution

  • What is Potable Water?

  • Difference between Clean Water and Potable Water

  • What is the difference between fog and smog?


  • What is marble cancer. What is the main cause of marble cancer?

  • Why are CFC's considered as pollutants?


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