Air pollution can be reduced by 

  • Plant more trees and nurture the ones present.
  • Minimize Pollution from Cars by using Electric Vehicles, Carpooling, Keeping Car well serviced
  • Using environment friendly vehicles like bicycle to cover short distances.
  • Using alternate sources of energy like solar energy rather than burning fossil fuels
  • Using public transport whenever possible.
  • Using Recylced Products and avoiding Plastics, Polythenes
  • Keeping indoor plants
  • Using Air Purifiers inside Home and Offices
  • Grow Compost from Home Waste
  • Print and photocopy on both sides of paper. 
  • Stop burning garbage, paper, dry leaves
  • Quit Somking
  • Buying Rechargeable batteries
  1. Class 8
  2. Chapter 18 Class 8 - Pollution of Air and Water

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