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Some sources of air pollution and harmful effects are mentioned below


Carbon Monoxide

It is released by incomplete burning of fuel by vehicles.

It reduces oxygen carrying capacity of blood.


Carbon dioxide

It is released by factories and industries.

It causes increase in temperature and global warming


Suphur Dixoide

It is produced by petroleum refinery and coal plants

It causes lung damage



CFC Means Chloro Fluoro Carbons(CFC)

They are used in refrigerator,AC etc

They damage the ozone layer of atmosphere

Ozone layer protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays of sun


Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM)

The tiny particles suspended in the air are called Suspended Particulate Matter.

Some examples of SPM are 

  • Dust - Dust is produced due to construction and traffic. It causes allergies and bronchitis in humans
  • Smoke - Smoke is released due to burning of fuels in homes, factories, motor vehicles. It causes respiratory diseases


What is smog?

A thick fog-like layer in the atmosphere, especially during winters. This smog is made up of smoke and fog.

The smog causes breathing difficulties such as asthma, cough and wheezing in children.

Other Harmful effects of air pollution are Acid Rain  and Greenhouse Effect 

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