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Why does a stone which is thrown up fall down on earth?

It is because of force of attraction of earth

This force of attraction is called gravity


Why does rain fall down from clouds to earth

It is also because of force of attraction of earth

This force of attraction is called gravity


What is Gravity?

Force of Attraction exerted by earth on nearby objects is called Force of Gravity


Moon revolves around earth because of force of gravity of earth on moon


What is Gravitational Force?

Every object in universe attracts every other object with a force

This force is called Gravitational Force


Earth Revolves around Sun

This is because of Gravitational Force of Sun on earth


Are Gravity and Gravitational Force Same?


Gravitational force means force of attraction between any two bodies

Gravity means force of attraction between earth and any other object

So, Gravitational force is exerted by all the objects but gravity is exerted only by the earth


If Gravitational Force is exerted by all bodies,Why does stone falls on Earth and Earth doesn't fall on stone?

It is because Earth has much higher mass than stone (and hence produce much less acceleration)


We know that

Force =Mass *Acceleration

Gravitational Force of Earth on Stone=Mass of Earth*Acceleration of Earth

Gravitational Force of Stone on Earth=Mass of Stone*Acceleration of Stone


Gravitational Force of Earth=Gravitational Force of Stone

Mass of Earth *Acceleration of Earth=Mass of Stone*Acceleration of Stone

Since,Mass of Earth is much higher than stone,it will produce very less or negligible acceleration

Since,Mass of Stone is less,it will produce very high acceleration

Hence,Acceleration produced by stone is higher

So, stone moves towards earth and earth doesn't move towards the stone





What is the difference between gravity and gravitation?

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