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Chapter 10 Class 9 - Gravitation

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In this chapter, we will learn

  • What is Gravity?

  • What is Universal Law of Gravitation

  • Important Natural Phenomena Occurring Due to Gravitation

  • What is Free Fall?

  • What is Acceleration Due To Gravity

  • Deriving value of Acceleration due to Gravity

  • Different Equations of Motion for Free Falling Object

  • What is the Difference between Mass and Weight 

  • What is thrust?


  • What is Pressure

  • What is buoyancy?

  • Density And Relative Density Of An Object

  • Why do Objects float or sink in Water

  • Archimedes Principle

  • Different Factors Affecting Buoyancy

  • Why is gravity maximum at poles and minimum at equator?

  • What is the SI unit of Thrust and Pressure?

  • What is the SI Unit of g and G?


  • What is the difference between gravity and gravitation?


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