1. Class 9
  2. Chapter 10 Class 9 - Gravitation (Term 2)


NCERT Question 1 How does the force of gravitation between two objects change when the distance between them is reduced to half ? We know that Gravitational force between two objects is given by F = πΊπ‘€π‘š/π‘Ÿ^2 where G = Gravitational constant M = Mass of object 1 m = Mass of object 2 r = Distance between the two objects When distance is reduced to half Distance = π‘Ÿ/2 & everything else remains same Thus, New Force = πΊπ‘€π‘š/(π‘Ÿ/2)^2 = πΊπ‘€π‘š/(π‘Ÿ^2/4) = 4πΊπ‘€π‘š/π‘Ÿ^2 = 4 Γ— Old Force ∴ When the distance is reduced to half, force becomes four times

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