It is the force applied on a particular area


We can say that

Pressure is Force acting on per unit of area

Formula of Pressure

Pressure force.jpg

How is Force, Area and Pressure Measured

Force is Measured in Newtons

Area is measured in Square Meters

Since Pressure is Force/Area,

It is measured in Newtons/Square Meters


Note 1

Since Pressure=Force/Area

If we decrease the amount of area,Pressure Increases

If we increase the amount of area,Pressure Decreases


Hence we can say that

  1. Smaller The Area More The Pressure
  2. Higher The Area Less The Pressure

Example of head of Nail

Head of nail does not enter into wood but pointed side goes into it




Head of nail does not enter into wood

It is because head of nail occupies more area and hence Pressure is Reduced

So,it is not able to exert enough pressure to go into the wood


Pointed Side Goes Inside Wood

It is because pointed size puts more pressure on small area

Hence,it is able to go inside wood


Why does Head of Nail go inside the wood.png

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