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Two objects must interact for force to come into play


Example 1

A person standing behind a car does not make car move

But when a person pushes the car,he makes car move

We can say that when there is an interaction between the person and car,only then car moves


Person Standing behind car

No interaction so no force

Person standing car.jpg


Person Pushing car

Interaction between Person and car, So Car moves

Pushing car

Example 2

If a football player just stands near the football,the football does not move

When he kicks the football,it moves

We can say that there is interaction between football player and ball,only then ball moves


Player just stands near the football


Player Kicks the football




Sometimes both objects apply force on one another


Kids pushing each other



Two girls pulling a toy.

Kids pulling.jpg



NCERT Question 1 - Give two examples each of situations in which you push or pull to change the state of motion of objects.

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