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Chapter 2 Class 8 Linear Equations in One Variable

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We studied Equations and Expressions in Algebra (Chapter 9 Class 8). Equation has an = sign, expression does not have it


In this chapter, we will learn

  • What is an Equation 
  • What is a Linear Equation
  • What is a Linear Equation in one variable
  • Solving Linear Equations - by taking variables on one side, numbers on the side
  • Making Equations from Statements, and then Solving.
  • Types of Statement Questions are
    • Perimeter and Area Questions
    • Fraction questions - where we need to find Numerator or Denominator
    • Cost, Sale, Profit Questions
    • Questions where we have Consecutive Numbers
    • Questions involving Consecutive Multiples
    • Coins and Currency Notes Questions
    • Questions where numbers are added or subtracted
    • Questions where a Two Digit number is given, and we reverse its digits
    • Questions involving Age


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